Alex Residence provide wide array of full condo facilities. You can have restfullness in traquility and relaxation at right your home. We proudly present the Alex Residence's siteplan specifically below.

Discovery @ L1

  1. Porch
  2. Gym on 2nd
  3. Piazza
  4. Forest Trail
  5. Guard House
  6. Family Deck
  7. BBQ Pavilion
  8. Restroom
  9. Pool Bar
  10. Playpark
  11. Sculpture Court
  12. Pool Deck
  13. Family Pool
  14. Lily Pond

Family Pool @ L1

There is a suitable floor for outdoor activities with family. In the weekend, BBQ Pavilion, Family pool, Family Decks is totally become the heaven in relaxation and create delightful memories with your love ones here. Your children will be fond of the Kiddie Pool or Playpark. It also brings to you a private quite space such as garden or vanda tea garden. Being a home owner of Alex Residence, you will have a wonderful life that other dream of.

Passage @ L4

  1. Meeting Square
  2. Meeting Bar
  3. Reading Patio
Reading Patio @ L4
Finding another exciter activities to accomodate with other people, you can be pleasure at this floor. This 4th level has 2 large space for meetings such as meeting square and meeting bar. If not, you also read book in more privacy place like reading patio.

Journey @ L14

  1. Chillout Pod
  2. Zen Garden
  3. Brew House
  4. Nature Deck
  5. Chess Garden
  6. Putting Green
  7. Lounge Bar
This floor is the heaven for anyone loves greenaries. In Zen garden, Nature Deck, Chess garden or Putting green, you will have natural space in traquility totally.

Voyage @ L24

  1. Social Pod
  2. Alfresco Bar
  3. Tea Court
  4. Terrace Lawn
  5. Courtyard
  6. Dining Pavilion

Dining Pavilion

Odyssey @ L40

  1. Party Lounge
  2. Spa Pool
  3. Sky Pool
  4. Hammock Garden
  5. Multi-purpose Room
  6. Sky Lounge
  7. Sky Terrace
  8. Sky Walk
  9. Pool Deck
  10. Female Changing Room
  11. Make Changing Room

Sky Pool

You will have interesting experience in a lot of activities in the hight of this 40th level. Just imagine a feeling when you are both swimming and sightseeing panoramic view of a whole city at the same time? It will be a wonderful thing that you've ever done before.


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